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How to style sweatpants outside of the house: Elevating the athleisure look

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Sweatpants, once reserved exclusively for exercise and lounging, have taken on a new life in the fashion world. “Athleisure” has become a common term, referring to clothing that combines the comfort of athletic wear with the stylishness of everyday clothes. Sweatpants have become a staple in this category, and with more people working from home and spending time in casual settings, they are being worn outside of the house more than ever before. If you’re looking to elevate your athleisure look with sweatpants, here are some tips to consider.

1. Choose the right fabric.
Not all sweatpants are created equal. When choosing a pair to wear out and about, look for ones made with thicker, more structured fabric. Avoid thin, baggy sweatpants that may appear too casual or unflattering.

2. Pair with a structured top.
To balance out the casualness of sweatpants, pair them with a more structured top. A fitted turtleneck, button-up blouse, or blazer can all elevate the look and take it from lounge wear to streetwear.

3. Accessorize with statement pieces.
Adding bold accessories can help pull together a sweatpants outfit and make it look intentional. Consider adding a statement necklace, scarf, or bold shoes to complete the look. This can elevate a basic outfit and make it look more put together.

4. Layer with outerwear.
Throwing on a sleek coat or leather jacket over your sweatpants can take your look to the next level. This helps dress up the outfit and adds some edge to a casual look.

5. Coordinate with complementary pieces.
When styling sweatpants, consider what other pieces in your wardrobe can complement them. Layering a trench coat over a simple hoodie and sweatpants combo can add sophistication to the look while still maintaining comfort.

6. Choose the right shoes.
The shoes you wear can make or break any outfit—including one featuring sweatpants. To elevate the look, consider shoes that are sleek and modern, such as ankle boots or black leather sneakers. Avoid overly casual or seen-better-days sneakers.

7. Dress up with accessories.
Accessories can make sweatpants look dressed up. Consider anything from a sleek handbag to elegant hoop earrings.

In conclusion, sweatpants no longer need to be confined to the walls of our homes or exercise regimen. Styling sweatpants for a more refined look is definitely possible if done right. Style them to your desire while keeping it trendy and chic. As you venture out donning your sweatpants, just remember that you can look comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

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